Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing my Andrew...

I am so excited. I have recently reconnected with my high school English teacher who lives a few miles away from me now. I am going to visit her tomorrow and teach her how to blog. What an honor!

She was always such a special person to me and to all of her students. She was fun, vibrant, engaging, and so very fascinating. She knew something about everything, it seemed. I haven't seen her for over 20 years, the last time when I stopped by her classroom to chat during a school open house. Now we have connected on Facebook, and then I called her to talk. She told me she has written several books and been published and has more projects in the works, but all this new Facebooking and blogging is a bit overwhelming for her, especially at 82 years old. She'd like some lessons. Imagine that, me teaching her something! Who would have ever thought?

She also shared, in our brief conversation from the other day, that she has lost a child and that we have much in common to talk about. I will be so honored to share my son, the writer, with my revered English teacher.

Maybe we will both figure out how to get our blogs out there for the masses to read and respond to our posts. That would be fun, rewarding and motivating. Moving forward, I am!