Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For my friends who are following this blog...

Please sign on and leave some comments. I have been getting such good feedback, but it is on my email and FB inbox. I'd love to have stuff compiled in one place, if its not too personal for you to leave here. That's probably hard for you? I love reading what you say to me; that is my comfort, too. Thanks so much for all the responses so far!


  1. I love reading the responses I'm getting from all of you who have read this blog. It's heartwarming and it makes me cry. People that know Andrew feel his presence and energy, while others are getting to know him and appreciate the person he was. That's so cool!

  2. I mentioned to someone that when I am sending out emails, I sometimes almost click on Andrew's address. Then I move past it to click on Jayne or Rebecca or whoever comes next...but what if I send him some mail. Who really knows where these things go to get from my computer to your computer. Maybe they go out into the universe and Andrew can read them...a friend assured me Andrew probably can. That made me smile.